The mighty mighty Bassman
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MC Skibadee Lyrics



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"Sharp Like a Razor, Cut You, Fuck You Up. Make You Bleed."

"And Ladies, Keep Your Legs Tightly Closed."

"For Those Who Are Trying To Get Close To Us, Not Too Close."

"Trippin' On A E"

"Bassman A Talkin, No Propaganda"

"Very Fucking Heavy"

"I Like Two At A Time Baby."

"We Are The Boys With The Big, Gigantic, Humongus, Seed Seed Seed."

"When Me Not Around You Know She Use Da Finger."

"Who the Fuck Do You Think We Are, Baggage Handlers?"

"Warm and Easy"

"When Me a Go To KFC Me Say Give Me 5 Chicken Wings Fried Hard Nigga, and Don't Be Feedin Me No White Bits!"

"Wake Up In The Morning Brush Me Teeth, Piss Your Bed Change Your Sheets, Jump In The Bath, Hands And My Feet."

"And DJ...You Gwan Like Mr. Kipling...Exceedingly Good Me Bredrin."

"How Dare You Try To Test Us. We are the Masters. Don't You Know Our Style is Fucking Dangerous?"

"Alan Shearer him a Fucking Wanker!"

"Dutty Bassman, Pon De Center, Wen Mi Get A Gyal, Itz All Ova!!"

"Four and a nine
and a parkka
Can't see me face

"Dont Call Me No Dishwasher, I'll Kick Your Ass All Ova Tha Place"

"Hands Open Doors, Legs break ‘em Down...Down...Down..."

"Like A Black Superman Flyinn Over Porn Stores n Shit!"

"6 Minutes Left On This Set, That Means Me Only Got 6 Minutes To Get My Dick Out"

Bassman's 10 Drum and Bass Commandments

1. 10 Commandments you must understand.

2. Every time you go out you have to get something new.

3. Listen keenly to me, me a fucking Bassy.

4. After certain hours you don't knock on me door.

5. Me a like how you a strive.

6. Don't try and copy this.

7. We still a reason, I will give you a Spanish fly if you craven.

8. Try cooperate. If you and me get together we go straight through the gate.

9. I like to know how you whine. Every time you see me you will feel fine.

10. ???????????????????????????????????????????

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