The mighty mighty Bassman
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MC Skibadee


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MC Bassman was MCing before Drum and Bass music existed, he began in the Acid House music scene in Birmingham. Back in 1988 MC Bassman was MCing alongside DJs like Carl Cox, Mickey Finn, Ellis D, Ratty, SS, & Easygroove. These were big raves with upto 25,000 ravers and some of them were in outdoor arenas. You can view an early rave flyer with MC Bassman's name on here.

But then in 1991/92 a new sound was heard in the raves. It was a hardcore sound with some heavy reggae/dub style basslines, it was Jungle. With its heavy reagga style basslines, Jungle music was perfect for MC Bassman and he began MCing exclusively at Jungle/Drum and Bass gigs.

All throughout the 90's MC Bassman built up a name for himself as one of the most original and respected MC's in the scene. MC Bassman teamed up with MC $pyda & MC Trigga to perform at the biggest Drum and Bass gigs all over the UK. There was no other MC that had a sound that was an unique as MC Bassman. He became such a big name that he was often the biggest crowd puller on the flyer even above the DJs.

Eventually producers began using MC Bassman vocal samples on their tracks, some of these have now become world famous classics. MC Bassman appears on these tracks:

L Double - Bass 2 Dark (1994)
Daddy Freddy - Pain Killa MC Bassman Remix (1994)
Triple X - Livin' At The Jungle (1995)
Sappo - Ding Dong Bass (1996)
DJ Dollar - Original Pressing (1998)
DJ Dollar - Tiger Fist (1998)
Sappo - Ding Dong Bass L Double VIP RMX (1999)
Metropolitan Bass Scientists - On The Hills (2001)
L Double - Bass 2 Dark VIP RMX (2002)
Serum - Chopper Bizness (2006)

Then suddenly at what seemed to be the peak of his career - MC Bassman was jailed. It is beleived he was jailed for drugs related offences although this has not been confirmed. But when he was released in 2003 he made an instant comeback with one off gigs entitled "Xcon 2 Icon" which were held at The Sanctuary nightclub in Birmingham. Tape Packs were released with these events which are now vary rare.

A new era began for MC Bassman after prison when the Shadow Demon Coalition was formed. Consisting of DJ Sly, Bassman, Trigga, & Shaydee (and later Juiceman) the SDC represents a new level in Drum and Bass entertainment. This crew is currently building up a big reputation with underground DnB fans all over the UK and even in Germany.

The Shadow Demon Coalition will blow up very very soon...

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