The mighty mighty Bassman
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Hysteria - Best Of Bassman Series


Best of MC Bassman Volume 1 Double CD Best of MC Bassman Volume 1 Tape Pack

The 'Best of Bassman' Tapepack and double CD was released in 2002 by public demand and features Hysteria sets recorded over 10 years. Dedicated to the voice of MC Bassman the specially selected sets include mixes from DJs: J Frost, Rap, Kenny Ken, Brian G, SS, Zinc, Dazee. Also includes other MCs; Shabba D, Trigga, Stevie Hyper D, Fearless, Spyda.


Best of MC Bassman Volume 2 Double CD Best of MC Bassman Volume 2 Tape Pack

Released in 2003. Featuring live sets from DJs: Ronnie Size, Rap, Randall, Bryan Gee, Andy C, Brockie, Darren Jay, Nicky Blackmarket. With MCs: Bassman, Trigga, Spyda, Five-O, Palmer da Charma, Hooligan.

The Best Of Bassman can still be bought here or you can buy bootlegs on ebay.

BASSMAN: Xcon 2 Icon

MC Bassman Xcon 2 Icon Tape Pack

To celebrate his release from prison MC Bassman held a one off special event called 'The Shadow Demon Blaster' on 19th April 2003. This was a sell out event and a special limited edition 'Xcon 2 Icon' tape pack was released.

The tapepack featured DJs: Kenny Ken, Mickey Finn, Concrete, Funky Flirt, Andy C SS & Ray Keith, Brockie, Zero Tolerance, Dangerous D with MCs: BASSMAN, Trigga, Juiceman, Shaydee, Fearless, Spyda, Navigator, Shabba, Skibadee, Det.

On the back cover Bassman has this message:

"1988's where it began for me. Way back in the acid days when it was coast to coast Underground Starlight, Perception and Quest.
With nuff smiley faces and shit. Nuff of the old skool raves and I'm still going strong. To the ravers all who have been excellent & supported me all the way.
Now things are changing fast fast in the Drum & Bass scene. My absence has made me hungry for the mic & to see the crowds reaction cause I still have what it takes.
My hopes and dreams are to have my own recordings of CD's etc. For now hush hush so listen up the Bass is back.
Concrete respect to you all in every corner of the world.


Shadow Demon Blaster flyer:

The Xcon 2 Icon tapepack can still be bought here or you can buy it second hand on ebay.

The Shadow Demon CD Pack

A very rare CD pack released in 2005 by MC Bassman. Featuring 6 of the very best old skool Bassman sets selected by Bassman himself. Including sets from Hysteria and a very rare appearance at the Hacienda club in Manchester. Also includes previously unreleased studio tracks featuring Bassman and produced by DJ Sly of the Shadow Demon Coalition.

CD1: DJ Bryan G with Bassman, $pyda, Trigga & Jubilee
CD2: DJ Bryan G @ Hacienda with Bassman, $pyda & Trigga
CD3: DJ Mickey Finn & Bassman + Bonus Studio Tracks
CD4: DJ Rap with Bassman, $pyda, Trigga & Juiceman + Bonus Studio Track
CD5: DJ Devious D & Bassman
CD6: DJ Devious D & Bassman

This CD pack is very rare and was only sold through a handful of record stores.

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